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An International Perspective

  • Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management has been a success story since the launch of the first real estate fund in 1938. As a global provider of real estate products, Credit Suisse manages USD 44.3 bn (as at 31.10.2016) in assets and provides access to diversified real estate portfolios worldwide. Around 170 real estate experts are engaged at four offices around the world (Zurich, Frankfurt, New York, and Singapore) and all along the entire value-creation chain. Today Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management is ranked among the top 15 largest providers of real estate investments worldwide, is the third largest in Europe and the largest in Switzerland. We are currently looking after 1300 properties in 20 different
  • With over 35 years of experience, SwissReal Group is a leader in real estate management and development. SwissReal Group has an intimate understanding of emerging trends in Europe and Western Canada, allowing it to recognize opportunities and generate value for local and international